Monitoring and Compliance Tool

Wed, 01/08/2018 - 13:54

The aim of this monitoring and compliance tool is to demystify and educate the community about data available in reports such as the Environmental Statement, Fly Ash Generation and Utilisation Report, etc. After collecting all required documents by filing RTI, any person can access the tool and input the required data in the respective boxes and calculate the actual values for water utilization, no. of persons working in the plant, actual fly ash generation, actual fly ash utilization, limits of air pollutants emission. This tool will not only be helpful to a wide range of stakeholders who have knowledge of the sector, but will also help citizens who want to acquaint themselves with data and reports of thermal power plants. The toolkit helps understand the complex technical details in a simple manner. Using the tool, anyone can assess the water quantity, details regarding fly ash generation and utilisation, and air quality, which are the main components to assess the environment. Each component has its own role to play in the environment, any additions or reductions will cause environmental damage. Educating the community can help in better environmental protection and also make them aware of the changes caused by development in their area.  

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