What we do

  • Inform grassroot NGOs and local communities across South India about any announcement about coal-based plants in their neighbourhood, and share upon request EIA-related documents of the plant
  • Conduct a technical assessment of the Environmental Impact Assessment and proposed mitigation measures for a plant, using an expert team comprising a technical expert, environmental lawyer and economics expert. This assessment is shared with grassroot NGOs and local communities who use it as inputs to fight a proposed/existing plant
  • Create awareness among NGOs and local communities about the EIA process through distribution of information booklets and posters in English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada
  • Equip NGOs and persons affected/potentially affected by a thermal power plant about the possible intervention strategies they can adopt at every stage in the EIA process
  • Publish a monthly e-newsletter Stoppwatch carrying developments about thermal power plants in South India that reaches over 1000 subscribers including environment and consumer groups, village representatives and media representatives