Coal fired power plant

Impact of Coal Fired Power Plants on Fisheries - Mitigation Measures

Sat, 13/07/2019 - 23:53

by Niraj Bhatt, Researcher - Environment and Climate Change


In our last issue, we explored the detrimental effect of coal-fired power plants on the local aquatic and marine ecosystems. We also delved into how the discharges from coal-fired power plants affect fish health and human livelihoods and health as well.

StoppWatch FEB 2014 Issue

Wed, 19/10/2016 - 22:44

SPCB’s monitoring of power plants in Tamil Nadu, NGT takes note of pollution from inferior coal in power plants, Work launched for TN’s first supercritical plant in Ennore, HCs of 18 states to examine coal-fired plants’ compliance of safety standards, 60 Gigawatts of coal-fired plants predicted to retire by 2016 in the US, Public hearing for 1320 MW plant in Thoothukudi Dt, FAQs about Public Consulation Process